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How PS Charity plan to phase back into the Community

COVID19 - Unlimited outdoor exercise

The public have been anxiously anticipating the governments announcement on the future phasing of our country. Last Sunday, the Prime Minister outlined England’s strategic plan. This included new rules for unlimited exercise, schools reopening and categories for which industries could begin to work if at all feasible.

As a sports charity, the greatest news we could possibly take from the announcement is the unlimited amount of exercise that is now allowed. This does not only benefit the participants on our projects, it will indeed benefit all of those struggling mentally throughout the nation.

Benefits of being outdoors

There are so many benefits from being outdoors, unfortunately for the last couple of months we have only had the freedom to do this once a day. Undoubtably you have been ambushed with information on why you should take a walk outside and expose yourself to the natural elements, but what does it actually do and why is it so important now?

Luckily for you, we have compiled all the ‘science part’ to present the many wonders that the great outdoors brings now we have unlimited use. It is quite easy to use the excuse of not being able to go to the gym now they are closed as a reason to not exercise. However so called ‘green’ exercise is much better than exercising indoors, as there are greater benefits to your mental health. Yes it’s a clear message…It’s free and it’s actually better for you - Win/Win right!

Improve Memory

Psychologise and health researchers are finding more evidence to reinforce the reasons why we should go outside more and enjoy the natural world. A study proved that people who were suffering with depressions found that exercising whether be walking, running or any outdoor activity boosted working memory. Are you always forgetting something? Get yourself outside for some memory boosting therapy (unless you’d rather forget that is!)

Reducing inflammation and Blood pressure

Being outside changes the physical expression of stress in the body. Spending time with nature could be the way to keep in check autoimmune disorders, depression, cancer and inflammatory bowel disease.

Decreased bad moods and anxiety

Studies have found that outdoor walks have decreased levels of anxiety and bad moods.

Improved self-esteem and vision

Green environments improve both self-esteem and mood. In children, research has found that outdoor activity reduces the risk of near nearsightedness. The list goes on, however I fear I may lost you on ‘improve memory’ but hopefully you get the point.

Phase 1

Whether you are suffering from anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues, we have gathered the proof that suggests combining the outdoors with exercise has the most impact on improving the way you feel. This is why PS Charity will be conducting 1-2-1 sessions in line with the government guidelines until we can operate functional group sessions again.

We understand many of you have struggled with online classes, which is why we would like to dedicate two days a week where we will coach individuals in open green spaces.

You can make a difference at any point, it is never too late. Think about giving yourself the best opportunity and head start with the help professional coaches guiding you personally through your journey.

Please get in touch if you would like 1-2-1 exercise led sessions. This could be in the format or cycling, running, walking, or weighted exercise sessions, we are here to accommodate you and give you the best chance of creating a healthy habit. Best of all, it cost you nothing but commitment.

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