Claire Milne helping children get active

This project responds to a significant need within the city to improve access to disability sport for 10 – 16 yr olds. The project will run various wheelchair-based activities such as wheelchair rugby, netball and basketball. Each session will aim to use the specific activity to improve physical health as its main aim with secondary aims of enhancing communication, teamwork and organisation. Children's mental health will improve as a direct result of enhanced physical health as well as improved confidence, self-esteem, and self-concept.

Time to to build relationship to aid long term engagement and trust is important, resulting in far better outcomes. This project has two sessions a week, one for 10-13yrs and the other for 14-16yrs. Towards the end of the project those who wish will be able to take part in friendly tournaments and work towards becoming youth leaders. The youth leaders will act as our voices of the young people and be heavily involved in every area of the project moving forward, as well as be involved in various youth forums and steering groups within the city.

If you would like some information on how to be part of this fabulous opportunity please contact us here

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