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Current projects 

Sport England and The National Lottery

our project called “Get into Golf Plymouth” for middle aged men in Plymouth between the ages of 39 and 64 who are struggling with their physical health causing them live a sedentary lifestyle. “Get into Golf Plymouth” will provide free introductory golf programs to help the males to

  • Improve their physical health

  • Improve their mental health

  • Help them achieve the recommended 150 minutes of healthy activity per week in turn teaching them on how to live a more active, healthy, and balanced lifestyle

  • Get outside where they can complete light activities, escape the stresses they are facing, and have some fun whilst being active.

Veteran Foundation – Sports Play

The funding will allow us to expand our delivery to term time and increase support to those in the secondary tier of support. We will target those both in statistically disadvantaged areas but also city hot spots recorded from the youth service, local policing teams and youth justice service teams. 

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Sovereign IWILL - Can You Kick It

The project aims to upskill at least 15 young people as Well-being Champions through weekly training in sports, nutrition, and youth social action. The initiative prioritises a youth-led approach, providing opportunities for active participation and decision-making. Additionally, the project seeks to offer new opportunities for youth social action, fostering skill development, confidence building, and community engagement. The timeline spans from February 1, 2024, to October 31, 2024, with an emphasis on delivering meaningful impact and providing a platform for young people to lead and support initiatives focused on mental health and overall well-being in the Plymouth community.

Saltash Exercise Referral Scheme

A free exercise referral scheme to support an elderly group in Saltash funded by Clare Milne and the Cornwall Community Foundation. The patients are over the age of 55 years and are suffering from long-term chronic conditions including anxiety, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, back pain, angina, depression, osteoporosis, cancer, arthritis, and other conditions. We would like to deliver a free exercise self-referral scheme to help provide them with the correct prescribed exercise that will aid them to: manage their condition, limit their symptoms and side effects, improve their mental health, and live a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle.

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