Plymouth Sports Charity has been running Since October 2010. It all started as a holiday camp for disadvantaged children and through many successes led to several contracts in schools, the local council, Street games and small funded projects. Over the years we have developed strong techniques, partnerships and a vision to become a leading provider of accessible fitness, exercise and health to many individuals and groups in the South west. We have a strong history of receiving funding from organisation of all sizes such as The National Lottery, Children in Need, Comic Relief and many more. This funding has had a huge impacted on many youths and adults allowing them a safe supportive platform to improve, develop and create lasting changes and skills. We have recently added a training centre to our portfolio allowing users to access qualifications in the fitness and health industry and improve employ ability, skills and further improve all round self-concept. 

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Exercise is a powerful tool that can be used to improve physical, mental and social health. 

Our Mission

Plymouth Sports Charity provides top rate education on fitness, exercises and coaching to improve the physical, mental and social health of its users. It utilised innovative techniques to offer a bespoke and unique learning environment that develops the learner, creating lifelong skills.


Our Vision

Plymouth Sports charity will be the leading provider of accessible fitness sessions and qualifications in the south west. We believe in only focusing on what we excel at and that is fitness and health. By channelling our energy and focus into providing a unique, professional and positive environment we will make huge changes in people’s lives.

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