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Children in Need - Active Together

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Sport and exercise used to improve physical, mental and social health of children in Plymouth. Building strong healthy habits, friendships and building blocks to a healthy lifestyle.

The grant will target 375 young people aged between 5 - 18 suffering from or at high risk of poor physical health and obesity, many will have multiple disadvantages, ranging from learning difficulties, abuse, neglect, financial hardship, access and support issues as well as school and family challenges. The project will allow them to access fun, healthy and safe activities focused around sport and play. The sessions will primarily aim to improve physical health and fitness, including knowledge of healthy activities, extra opportunities available and provide life long skills to ensure a healthy life style is continued. This will have a knock on affect and improve mental and social health such as self confidence, self esteem and motivation, tackling social barriers such as isolation, negative stigma and cohesion. It will aim to give these young people the tools to make a difference themselves and enhance coping mechanisms and resilience. On top of the activity sessions there will be breakfast activity clubs to provide a safe accessible activity whilst ensuring the child is fuelled sufficiently before school or college. Family play days will encourage families to come together, interact and learn ways to play together, build relationships with activity kits provided.

Attitude leads to altitude - build, motivate and inspire youths to achieve their potential.

These activities and sport have proven benefits to peoples mental and physical health, the sessions will improve self esteem, self confidence, enhance communication skills and provide a positive feeling of self worth. This will help combat their barriers in school, at home and in the community. It will provide new experiences and information on healthy lifestyles, nutrition and services available that can be transferred to all walks of life to improve their on going development. Coping mechanisms and strategies learnt will help them deal with pressures and stress outside of session and hopefully enable them to engage further in school community life.

Opportunities to lead, plan and deliver parts of sessions will improve confidence and communication in groups and enable them to make further strides with these life long skills.

Bringing these hard to reach youths together will provide a safe environment for them to meet new people in similar situations and build bonds and relationships, this in turn will combat isolation and loneliness.

Project update November 2019: The start of this project has been so rewarding, working with 3 primary schools in Plymouth, to work towards a fun event in the new year. The schools, Whitleigh, Ernesettle and Austin Farm have been very supportive, allowing 8 from each school to attend the fun engaging sessions designed to improve team work, build confidence and improve their physical health. All of the targeted children have had various barriers and challenges and these sessions allow them to express their personality, engage in physical activity without fear or judgement, improve not only their physical attributes but work on key life skills such as leadership, communication, problem solving and teamwork.

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